The Iowa FIND Project fills a niche that the PRIMECARRE Program cannot due to federal criteria. The FIND Project award recipients agree to practice dentistry in a designated dentist shortage area and devote at least 35.0% of their practice to Medicaid-eligible, elderly, disabled, and other underserved patients over a three year period. The FIND Project is a collaborative effort with Delta Dental of Iowa, the Iowa Area Development Group, the DPH, and the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics.

More information can be found on the Iowa FIND Project website

IDA members who have been FIND recipients include:
Dr. Anthony Brantner
Dr. Adrienne D'Agostino Kane
Dr. Sunny Hamilton
Dr. Travis Harbaugh
Dr. Michael Hemming
Dr. Sara Jewett
Dr. Bryn Johnson
Dr. Jarod Johnson
Dr. Carla Kucirek
Dr. Kali Kircher
Dr. Steven Leifker
Dr. Karla Maher
Dr. Matthew Meredith
Dr. Melanie Norton
Dr. Ryan Oetken
Dr. Nathan Olson
Dr. Abbie Otto
Dr. Jeffrey Millet
Dr. Daniel Scarrow
Dr. Alison Shields
Dr. Kaci Vela
Dr.  Matthew Wettach
Dr. Bradley Williams
Dr. Kimberly Zimmerman