Iowa FIND Project

The Fulfilling Iowa's Need for Dentists (FIND) Project award recipients agree to practice dentistry in a designated dentist shortage area and devote at least 35 percent of their practice to elderly, disabled, and other underserved patients over a five year period, with at least 15 percent of those patient visits being Medicaid-enrolled patients. In return, award recipients receive student debt loan repayment from Delta Dental of Iowa. The FIND Project is a collaborative effort with Delta Dental of Iowa, the Iowa Area Development Group, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics.

More information can be found on the Iowa FIND Project website


dr-ryan-hajek-pediatric-dentistry-250552“As an out of state provider, the FIND program incentivized me to start my practice in Iowa to help with my student loans. Thanks to the FIND program, our practice has grown, and we have added two more pediatric dentists to our practice to help serve many underserved pediatric patients in the area.” -Ryan Hajek, DDS, 2018 FIND Award recipient serving Pottawattamie County

dr-anthony-brantner“Growing into my role as a dental care provider in Kossuth and Palo Alto Counties has given me a sense of worth that has cemented my future as a general dentist practicing in rural Iowa ... turning a five year contract into a career-long commitment.” -Anthony Brantner, DDS, 2013 FIND Award recipient serving Kossuth and Palo Alto Counties

Cassie Berens“Delta Dental’s Loan [Repayment] Program gave me an opportunity to fill a void in the dental community by helping those underserved. I have met many families that were not receiving care because of the drive they had to make to an office that accepted their insurance.” -Cassie Berens, DMD, 2017 Loan Repayment Award recipient serving Cass County
annalee fencl"Resources that would have gone toward student loan payments can now be reallocated and used to continue to care for the vulnerable populations I care deeply about ... Receiving this award will allow me to continue to do what I am most passionate about: providing the best possible dental care to all children who need it." -Annalee Fencl, DDS, 2021 FIND Award recipient serving Winneshiek County

carolyn duong"I applied to the FIND program because I knew that I wanted to live and work in Iowa long-term and was already committed to helping the underserved. The FIND program seemed like a great opportunity to help me keep this mission and help pay back my student loans at the same time." -Carolyn Duong, DDS, 2021 FIND Award recipient serving Muscatine County

Hear from IDA members Dr. Maria Fuller and Dr. Kent Downing on why they chose to practice in rural Iowa and how FIND helped them. 

Success & Growth | Dr. Maria Fuller 
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Award Recipients

IDA members who have been FIND recipients include:
  • Dr. Cassie Berens
  • Dr. Daniel Binkowski
  • Dr. Christopher Bogue
  • Dr. Anthony Brantner
  • Dr. R. Louie Ching, Jr.
  • Dr. Ames Cross
  • Dr. Eric DeBoef
  • Dr. Carolyn Duong
  • Dr. Bryn Ealy
  • Dr. James Enloe
  • Dr. Annalee Fencl
  • Dr. Maria Fuller
  • Dr. Ryan Hajek
  • Dr. Sunny Hamilton
  • Dr. Travis Harbaugh
  • Dr. Michael Hemming
  • Dr. Jarod Johnson
  • Dr. Adrienne D'Agostino Kane
  • Dr. Kali Kircher
  • Dr. Carla Kucirek
  • Dr. Steven Leifker
  • Dr. Karla Maher
  • Dr. Lori Mason
  • Dr. Matthew Merideth
  • Dr. Roberto Moreno
  • Dr. Melanie Norton
  • Dr. Ryan Oetken
  • Dr. Paul O'Kane
  • Dr. Nathan Olson
  • Dr. Abbie Otto
  • Dr. Kristi Ouderkirk-Bock
  • Dr. Matthew Pyfferoen
  • Dr. Dan Scarrow
  • Dr. Mysty Shaver
  • Dr. Alison Shields
  • Dr. Jacob Sorensen
  • Dr. Kaci Vela
  • Dr. Alexander Walls
  • Dr. Matthew Wettach
  • Dr. William Wever II
  • Dr. Brad Williams
  • Dr. Kimberly Zimmerman