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Don't Touch That Patient's Card!

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By Phillip Nieto, President Best Card Team

As dental offices adjust to COVID-19 realities, one relatively easy area to minimize physical contact with patients is in the payment process.

Use What You Have
contactless indiciator

Did you know that most credit card terminals that accept EMV chip cards likely accept Contactless payments? Contactless cards and cards saved via smartphone digital wallets (ApplePay® for example) are an option most practices don’t even know they can accept; look for a contactless symbol on your equipment. Note that while your terminal may be capable, your processor may need to update the device software to turn on the capability. Contactless card payments start like normal transactions but will allow patients to hover their card or smartphone near the card reader rather than physically touching the device. Money will change hands without actually touching hands. You might even consider eliminating having patients sign the receipt, as Mastercard and Visa no longer mandate this step. However, a signed receipt provides protection for you in the event of a chargeback (a charge disputed by the cardholder); being able to produce a signed receipt for the transaction will always go a long way to answering any such complaint! Therefore, you must weigh the relative risks for your practice. 

Accept Payments Securely on your Website
Taking payments securely through your website can be easy and inexpensive; Best Card’s online system gives every office a secure way to accept payments without any buildout cost or secure payment hosting fees. Best of all, using those secure payment pages can also extend to emailed invoices. Those same systems also will allow for recurring payments if you offer patients payment plans.

Reach Out to Someone Who Can Help
Best Card is the endorsed credit card processor of both IDA and ADA Member Advantage. We save the average practice $3,736 per year (24.8%) on their processing fees and we’re happy to explain payment options. Call us at 877.739.3952 or visit for more information.

DO THE MATH to calculate your overall effective rate (this is what you are actually paying to take credit cards):  Fees ÷ Dollars Processed = Effective Rate.

Best Card’s average dental practice has an effective rate of 1.9 - 2.3%. Call 877.739.3952 with any questions. For a detailed no-obligation analysis, fax or email a recent credit card processing statement to 866.717.7247 or Visit

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