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Governor Reynolds Signs New Proclamation Enforcing Revised IDB Guidelines

This afternoon Governor Kim Reynolds extended the proclamation regarding dental services. Beginning immediately, dental offices must comply with the Iowa Dental Board's revised Guidelines for the Safe Transition Back to Practice approved by the Board on November 13, 2020.

The following revisions are intended to provide clarity around certain requirements and to offer alternatives in some areas:

  1. Added a definition of aerosol generating procedures for clarity (Section B).
  2. Amended CDC guidelines and references that have been updated (throughout the document).
  3. Clarified that patients and their visitors must be prescreened and screened upon arrival. All visitors to the office must wear a facemask (Section D).
  4. Eliminated the requirement for full PPE, for a parent or guardian who is accompanying a patient to the treatment room (Section E.3). A facemask must still be worn.
  5. Eliminated the requirement for a respirator to be worn during a rubber cup polish. A level 3 surgical mask and full face shield is required (Section E.4). 
  6. Clarification that DHCP must wear facemasks at all times in the dental setting (Section F.1).
  7. Deleted the requirement that respirators can only be worn for 48 hours. The revised guidelines defer to the IDPH PPE Shortage Order to be consistent with reuse of PPE for all other healthcare providers (Section G.7.iv). While your office can opt to continue using 48 hours of reuse for a respirator as a general guide, the IDPH PPE Order provides additional provisions for extended use of PPE. Sections 2 and 3 of the IDPH PPE Order provide this information. The IDPH PPE Order can be found here.
  8. Clarified that gowns are required for aerosol generating procedures only and must be changed after each aerosol generating procedure (Section G.7.d). 
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All dentists are strongly encouraged to participate in the Iowa Dental Board's live Q&A session concerning the revised Guidelines for the Safe Transition Back to Practice on Friday, December 11 at 1:30 PM. For questions please contact

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