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E-Prescribing Waiver Submission for 2020-2021

Last year several dentists submitted waivers regarding the e-prescribing mandate implemented on January 1, 2020. Those waivers were for a designated period to be no more than 12 months. 
Dentists wishing to obtain or continue waivers to the e-prescribing mandate requiring all providers, including dentists, to submit all prescriptions via an approved electronic prescribing platform, must submit a new waiver for review by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. The Board will review waivers during their next meetings on November 16-17 and December 16. Waivers must be submitted no later than Friday, October 30 to be considered during the upcoming meetings. 
Visit the Iowa Board of Pharmacy website for more information on the e-prescribing mandate and the waiver process.