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Professional Protector Plan Update from McFadden Insurance Services

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There seems to be lingering questions surrounding the coverage provided by the Professional Protector Plan (PPP) for Dentists. While McFadden Insurance Services, Inc., is not allowed to confirm nor deny a claim, they want to provide you with the Questions and Answers from The Professional Protector Plan® for Dentists.

Please draw your attention to the questions regarding "Claims."

The first question addresses the PPP professional and general liability policies as they pertain to claims involving communicable diseases, such as COVID-19. If you believe that an incident has occurred involving COVID-19, please be sure to notify McFadden Insurance Services so that the incident may be reviewed.

The third question addresses practice interruption as it relates to COVID-19. While the Q&A clearly states, "If an interruption is not the result of direct physical damage to the premises, business interruption coverage does not apply," you may still file a claim—the decision is yours. McFadden Insurance Services will be more than happy to help you. To begin, please complete the Property Loss Notice and email or fax it back to McFadden Insurance Services at your earliest convenience.

The COVID-19 Part-Time Credit was not available to dentists in their first or second year and not available to dentists who are already on a part-time basis. McFadden Insurance Services has received nearly 500 Part­-Time Applications and has already processed many of them with the June and July Renewal Policies; it will take some time to process the remaining credits. As they process these credits, they will be asking permission to apply these credits to your upcoming renewal policies, as they did with June and July and will be doing with August and September. Of course, if an insured is not renewing their policy or would prefer to have this conservative credit returned immediately, McFadden Insurance Services will be happy to process a check for you. Although they are extremely pleased to offer something, as mentioned, this credit is very minimal. They certainly wish this could have been more or there was something more they could do for you. The deadline to file for the Part­-Time Credit has passed, and the insurance carrier cannot accept any additional COVID-19 Part-Time Applications.

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