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McFadden Insurance Services: Professional Protector Plan Part-Time Status Available

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Updated 4/22/2020

Once again, McFadden Insurance Services is pleased to announce that Part­-Time Status is available to insureds who have been affected by COVID-19. Insureds working a total of 20 hours or less per week are encouraged to apply. This will keep your Professional Liability Coverage in force so you can continue to provide treatment for dental emergencies while also extending some premium relief.
McFadden Insurance Services recently mailed this communication, along with the necessary Part-Time Applications, to eligible insureds. Newly graduated dentists, dentists who currently are receiving the 2nd year new dentist discount, and dentists already on the Part-Time Status are not eligible for this reimbursement. 

McFadden Insurance Services has received hundreds of these Part-Time Applications back and thanks you for the prompt attention to these forms. The dates that will be used for your temporary Part-Time Status will be the dates that your state authority mandates emergency treatment only. The reimbursement amount will be calculated based on your pure professional liability premium and will be processed once the reduction in practice is lifted by your state authority. 

Unfortunately, this is NOT going to be a tremendous premium credit. However, the hope is that this very small discount shows you that McFadden Insurance Services is trying to think of anything they can to get a few dollars back in your pocket, even if it is minimal. They certainly wish they could do more. 

Best wishes go out to you, your colleagues, and loved ones. Please stay healthy and safe. 

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