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Message from IDA President, Dr. Ryan Stuntz

Fellow IDA Members,
I and other dentists have been contacted by local hospitals because they do not have the PPE they need to protect patients and healthcare providers. I like many of you are only seeing emergency patients, decreasing my use of masks, gloves, etc. substantially. I am asking you to consider joining me in donating PPE to healthcare facilities.
I am not asking that you give all of your existing supply of masks, gloves, gowns, etc. I am asking you to review your inventory and if you have more than a four (4) week supply of these items, consider donating them. Also, be aware the CDC has now released  guidelines for properly reusing dental/surgical masks as part of the crisis capacity strategy. As a nation and state, we are at the crisis stage. 
IDA has created an online system for dentists to record the amount of supplies they are able to donate. Once that information is received, IDA staff will relay that information to the appropriate district representative to work with you to collect the donations and distribute where needed, most likely in your district.
Iowans help each other. Right now, our fellow healthcare practitioners need our help. If you can donate, please do.
Thank you,
Ryan Stuntz, DDS
IDA President