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Highlights from New Dentists Committee

The New Dentist Committee (NDC) is an advisory committee to the ADA Board of Trustees. This document provides a summary of non-confidential New Dentist Committee (NDC) discussions at its September 4, 2019 meeting. NDC members may share this information freely.

  • ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) Update: ADA Practice Transitions is a new service offered through ADA Business Innovations Group to match dentists who wish to join a practice with owners who seek a partner, associate or someone to purchase their practice. The service is being piloted in Maine and Wisconsin in 2019. The NDC received an update on the progress of the pilot and was informed that the program is considering expansion to other states in 2020. The Committee provided the new dentist perspective during the discussion. The ADAPT team expressed interest in continuing to collaborate with members of the NDC on this program. Members are encouraged to learn more and sign up for the blog at


  • Student Engagement: One of the areas of responsibility listed in the NDC charter is to advise on and assist on the ADA Dental Student Strategy. The Committee received an update from the chair of the Student Engagement Subcommittee who shared that the new panel format is now available for the ADA Success program. The NDC also discussed the value of continued ASDA outreach and identified NDC members who will attend the ASDA National Leadership Conference in November. The ASDA Consultant also provided an update on ASDA initiatives.


  • 10 under 10 award: The ADA continues to offer the 10 under 10 award and the Committee has made updates to the online nomination form. The next nomination period will open in October 2019. The previous award recipients are posted on


  • Engaging dentists in a DSO setting: The NDC further discussed strategies to engage new dentists practicing in the DSO setting in ADA membership. The Committee discussed the importance of supporting and welcoming all dentists.


  • New Dentist Conference: The Committee reviewed its roles and responsibilities at the 2019 Conference and discussed future New Dentist Conferences. The 2020 Conference will take place October 16-17 in Orlando as part of the ADA annual meeting and planning is underway. The Committee welcomes feedback from new dentists on future conferences.


  • House of Delegates: As a follow-up to the teleconference call in August, the NDC discussed reports and resolutions proposed for the 2019 House of Delegates.


  • Diversity and Inclusion Plan: The Committee received an update on the 2020-2025 Diversity and Inclusion plan, particularly efforts to increase new dentist in leadership and overall new dentist inclusion in the ADA. The NDC and the D&I Committees plan to continue collaboration on these mutual goals.


  • 2019-2020 Objectives: With the new ADA strategic plan beginning in 2020, the NDC discussed possible agenda items for the coming year as well as any other new dentist related items. These topics included the resource for pregnant dentists which is in development, the ADAPT program, the value for dental students and new dentist members, licensure portability, student loan debt and others. Committee members should continue its outreach to members in their districts.