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CDC and ADA Address Measles Outbreak

The ADA News reported that "Dentists should have policies in place that allow for the treatment of all patients, including those who are unvaccinated, amid the growing measles outbreak in the U.S., according to the American Dental Association Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs."
More than 830 measles cases have been reported in 2019 in the U.S. - the nation's largest measles outbreak since 1994 - and a majority of those people were unvaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ADA Council Chair, Dr. James Smith says, "There's a lot of misinformation that patients may hear from various sources, and it's a big concern," Dr. Smith said. "And so by continuing to see those patients in your practice, it allows the opportunity to have an ongoing discussion about vaccine hesitancy."

The CDC has released a new toolkit, Measles Outbreak Toolkit for Healthcare Providers that is designed to provide resources for you and your staff to have more effective conversations with parents regarding vaccines. 

For more information on the CDC toolkit, you may email