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New Prescribing Regulations in Effect

The Iowa Dental Board's new prescribing rules, implementing HF 2377, otherwise known as the "Opioid Bill," went into effect Wednesday, May 29, 2019.
  Key provisions include:  
  • Mandatory registration to the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) at the time of initial registration or renewal of a Controlled Substance Act Registration (CSAR) with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. If you have not yet registered for the PMP you can do so by visiting
  • Mandatory use of the PMP. Queries shall be performed within 48 hours prior to an opioid prescription being issued or dispensed and shall be done for every patient each time an opioid prescription is authorized or dispensed.
  • A new provision in 650 Iowa Administrative Code - Chapter 30, which specifically establishes grounds for discipline related to prescribing opioids in amounts exceeding what would be prescribed by a reasonably-prudent prescribing practitioner engaged in a similar practice.
  • Mandatory reporting to the PMP within one business day when a controlled substance is dispensed* to a patient. Please note: Administration* of a drug does not need to be reported to the PMP.  Prescribing is reported to the PMP by the pharmacy that dispenses the medication.