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Welcome to the Iowa Dental Association

The Iowa Dental Association (IDA) is the premier professional association representing dentists in the state of Iowa. In existence since 1863, the IDA is home to over 1,800 Iowa dentists, which represents approximately 80% of the licensed dentists in the state.  

All IDA member dentists are not only members of the IDA, but also the American Dental Association (ADA) and their local district society.

IDA’s mission is to encourage the improvement of the health of the public, to promote the art and science of dentistry, and to represent the interests of the members of the dental profession and the public which it serves.  

IDA Requests Iowa Council on Human Services to Support Dental Medicaid Increase

On Thursday, August 11 the IDA Executive Director, Laurie Traetow, asked for support to align Dental Wellness Plan (DWP) reimbursement rates with that of Hawki during the Iowa Council on Human Services meeting. The council serves in a policymaking and advisory capacity for the Iowa Department of Human Services.

“In order to provide sufficient access to oral healthcare for Iowa’s Medicaid population, the Dental Wellness Plan rates must be increased to match the Hawki dental rates. In SFY 2020, the Dental Wellness Plan’s expenses comprised only 1.6 percent of Iowa’s total Medicaid budget. Increasing the Dental Wellness Plan’s rates to that of Hawki would significantly increase access to care," Ms. Traetow stated during her remarks.
She went on to say “Across the board, Iowa’s dental Medicaid rates have increased minimally, if at all, over the past 20 years. This includes many common procedures, such as a child’s dental cleaning, which has only seen an increase of $0.57 since the year 2000." IDA also submitted a letter to the Council, which further explained the issues the low reimbursement rates have caused.
If you are interested in speaking with your local legislators about increasing dental Medicaid reimbursement rates, or other legislative priorities, consider becoming a key contact. To become a key contact complete the online form or contact Josh Carpenter


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