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IMOMGeneral Volunteer Job Descriptions

Other than specific areas (child care, interpreters, and those with specific physical limitations), general volunteers will be assigned to areas as needed when they arrive to volunteer during the event.

Child Care: Child care volunteers are responsible for providing care to children of patients while they seek treatment and to children after they have received treatment and are waiting for family members. Volunteers will work in a designated child care area and will have games, toys, and other activities to do with the children.

Interpreters: Spanish language and other language interpreters will be needed in all departments to facilitate communication between patients, volunteers and practitioners.

Other general volunteer areas include:

  • Food Service: Serve and clean-up food service areas for volunteers.Pass food and beverages to patients waiting for treatment.Ensure water is kept stocked on clinic floor.
  • Patient Escorts: Escort patients between various departments to ensure patients are going to correct areas and that they are not left alone to find where they need to be.
  • Patient Exit Interviewers: Using a computer survey, assist patients in completing the exit interview.
  • Patient Registration: Greet and explain how the program works; direct people to Medical Triage waiting area, to Child Care as needed and to the Family Waiting area (for family members who are not receiving treatment). Distribute wristbands and paperwork.
  • Waiting Area Monitor: Provide assistance to whatever process is occurring in the area you are monitoring. This may be assisting with management of patients waiting for care, assisting the next patient in line to get to their area of treatment, ensuring supplies are delivered when needed, etc.
  • Runners: Assist department heads as needed.
  • Set-up: Tables, chairs, dental units, supplies, signs, volunteer registration, food service, etc. Thursday only
  • Tear-down: Disassemble equipment, pack equipment and supplies, inventory, general clean-up, etc.Saturday beginning at 4 p.m. and Sunday morning if needed.
  • Volunteer Registration: Greet and check in volunteers.Provide paperwork for walk in volunteers.Distribute T-shirts.
  • Facility Management: Empty waste in clinical and general areas.Ensure overall cleanliness of the event venue.Work with convention center facilities manager as needed.