Thank you to the following
2021-2022 IDF Donors:

Gold Donors ($500 - $999)

Dr. John Arend
Dr. Ryan Hajek

Silver Donors ($250 - $499) 

Dr. Terry Babor
Dr. Cassie Berens
Dr. Richard Bokemper
Dr. Michael Buck
Dr. Ryan Bygness
Dr. Tim DeStigter
Dr. Luke Freml
Dr. Lacey Greenwald
Dr. Marie G'Sell
Dr. Anthony Hathaway
Dr. Nathan Hehr
Dr. Daniel Kegler
Dr. Brian Kim
Dr. Eric Knox
Dr. Margaret Kramer
Dr. DaNae Krutzfeldt
Dr. Carla Kucirek
Dr. Joe Lenz
Dr. Matthew Maggio
Dr. Kyle Mann
Dr. Katie Milden
Dr. Connie Miller
Dr. Stephanie Nettleton
Dr. Thomas Olson
Dr. Aaron Rauen
Dr. Jeffrey Smith
Dr. Suzanne Stock
Dr. Sara Stuefen
Dr. Melanie Stuntz
Dr. Ryan Stuntz
Dr. Cathy Tigges
Dr. Wendy Troutman
Dr. Chadwin Wagener
Dr. Jonathan Wenger
Dr. Leigh Werner

Bronze Donors ($100 - $249)

Dr. David Clark
Dr. Timothy Collier
Dr. Catharine Farinelli
Dr. Kelly Huston
Dr. Mary McManis
Dr. Molly Moreland
Dr. William Strohman
Dr. Christopher Tyler

Copper Donors ($50 - $99)

Dr. Johanna Halbur
Dr. Luke Hamann
Dr. Anne Hennessey
Dr. Quinn Hoversten