Fulfill Your Continuing Education Requirements

From the Iowa Dental Board 
February 17, 2022

CPR Certification

Effective, January 1, 2022, CPR certification courses must include a hands-on component. The hands-on component may be completed in person, or on a manikin that allows an instructor or other technology to provide feedback about the individual's technique.  The hands-on component does not need to be completed in person.

Individuals who are unable to locate a CPR certification training course that includes a hands-on component may request an extension of up to six months to allow additional time to complete this requirement.  A waiver request may be submitted online here.  For additional information related to submitting a waiver request, please forward your questions to Christel.Braness@Iowa.gov

Online-only CPR certification, which was completed between March 2020 and December 31, 2021 will continue to be accepted for the purposes of application and renewal until the certification expires.  Recertification training will need to meet the training requirements noted above.

Continuing Education

Note: Internet-based webinars which include the involvement of an instructor and participants in real time, and which allow for communication with the instructor through messaging, telephone or other means are equivalent to live courses, and do not count towards self-study hours.

2023 Renewal Cycle 

Dental hygienists must complete thirty (30) hours of continuing education to renew on active status. Dental assistants must complete twenty (20) hours of continuing education to renew on active status. Continuing education for renewal must be completed between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2023. Self-study activities are limited to 12 hours per biennium.

Required Courses:

  1. Evidence of mandatory reporter training for child abuse and dependent adult abuse within the required timeframe* for those who practice in Iowa.  For more information, refer to IAC 650 - 25.4(2).
  2. CPR. For more information, refer to IAC 650 - 25.4(3).
  3. Minimum of 1 hour in infection control. For more information, refer to IAC 650 - 25.4(4)
  4. Minimum of 1 hour in jurisprudence. For more information, refer to IAC 650 – 25.5(5)
  5. Dental assistants and nurses who hold a qualification in dental radiography must complete a minimum of 2 hours in dental radiography.

To review the acceptable programs and activities established in board rules, click here.   

*Mandatory reporter training completed prior to July 1, 2019 is valid for five years.  Training completed through DHS July 1, 2019 or later is valid for three years.

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