To assist dentists, the Iowa Dental Board has created a page on its website that provides information about continuing education courses in the area of opioids.  The courses listed on the page will meet the continuing education requirement for renewal of Iowa dental licenses.

Dentists who prescribe opioids are required to complete a minimum of one hour of continuing education in the area of opioids each renewal period in which they prescribe opioids.  This requirement begins with renewal in 2020.  Please note: If you do not prescribe opioids within a biennial renewal period, you are exempt from this requirement for that renewal period.
The training shall include the following:

• Guidelines for prescribing opioids, including recommendations on limitations of dosages and the  length of prescriptions;
• Risk factors for abuse; and
• Non-opioid and non-pharmacologic therapy options.

The continuing education course in opioids may be counted towards the renewal requirement of 30 hours of continuing education.  In the event the course does not cover the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic pain, the licensee shall read the guideline prior to license renewal.