Why Contribute to IDPAC?

By pooling together IDA member contributions and collectively contributing to key legislators in the Iowa House of Representatives and the Senate, your support of IDPAC helps make a noticeable difference to the profession of dentistry in the state of Iowa. IDPAC provides IDA members with a strong, unified ​voice in the political arena. There is strength in numbers, and your contributions to IDPAC are more effective than individual contributions.

IDPAC also provides a greater impact on each dollar contributed by individual IDA members. IDPAC contributes to a greater number of legislators on a broader geographic scale than most of us would or could contribute to individually.

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."Supporting the IDPAC is the way in which we know the voice of Iowa dentists will be heard. Particularly in the current COVID-world and the post-COVID world, it is imperative to support IDPAC as I am very concerned that forces outside of dentistry will take advantage of the current situation to promote alternative dental practice models/providers to the harm of our practices, as well as the safety of our patients." -IDA President Dr. Nathan Hehr, Founder's Club contributor


“I have found that very few people in state government have any knowledge of modern dentistry and its value in a person’s health. I answer dental questions on an almost daily basis when the legislature is in session.
Having a dentist in the Iowa legislature presents the perfect opportunity to educate government officials and advance issues that are important to the dental profession. That is why I believe it is vital to have a dentist in the Iowa legislature.
During the shutdown of dental offices due to COVID-19, I had several phone calls with the Governor’s staff and explained how dentists would be willing and able to make the necessary precautions to help mitigate the spread of COVID and follow CDC guidelines. I believe these calls helped get dental offices open ahead of projected time." -Iowa Representative Thomas Jeneary, DDS, on the importance of dentists being involved in state politics

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