Iowa Dental Political Action Committee (IDPAC) - Making Your Voice Heard in Iowa Politics!


The Iowa Dental Political Action Committee (IDPAC) is a network of dentists committed to educating their local elected and appointed state policy makers on issues affecting dentistry. It is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated committee of individual dentists, unaffiliated with any political party, or a subsidiary of any national or other political action committees (PAC). Although they are separate entities, with their own governing boards, IDPAC and IDA work hand-in-hand to advance the interests of dentists and dentistry in Iowa. While IDA focuses on educating lawmakers and the governor through lobbying efforts, IDPAC works to get dentistry advocates elected to office through political donations


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Dentists Make a Difference

1 - Senator Liz Mathis (Hiawatha) and IDPAC Vice Chair Dr. Mike Franzman (Davenport)
2 - Representative Joel Fry (Osceola) and Dr. Jessica Stark (Saint Charles)
3 - Representative Pat Grassley (New Hartford) and Dr. Paul Hoversten (Iowa Falls)
4 - Dr. Martin Gleason (Fairfield) and Senator Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Ottumwa)
5 - Dr. Anthony DeLancey (Des Moines) and Senator Claire Celsi (West Des Moines)
6 - Dr. Cassie Berens (Atlantic) and Representative Steven Holt (Denison)

IDA Government & Grassroots Advocacy

IDA represents the interests of dentists and dentistry in Iowa through lobbying and grassroots advocacy. When the legislature is in session, that often means pushing for bills that will advance dentistry-related causes; and blocking legislation that harms dentists, our practices, and patients. Our work does not end when the legislature adjourns. Year-round, various rule-making committees, boards, and agencies create and implement policies and regulations that affect you and your practice. The business of governing never rests—and neither does IDA! Beyond lobbying and making political donations through IDPAC, IDA depends on our strong grassroots network to get things done!
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