Protecting Dentists and Patients

Working in the legislative arena is often like the practice of preventative dentistry, it requires regular work and attention to many small details. When done well, the majority of potential problems can be remedied or prevented before they have a chance to take root and grow.

Legislative efforts also rely strongly on educational efforts – working to ensure legislators and regulators truly understand the issues, the potentials, and the cause and effect relationships of those items they consider. IDA continues to build and enhance relationships with legislators and regulators who are in a position to drive the state’s legislation and policy as it affects the delivery of quality oral healthcare.

2021 Marks a Big Year for Dentistry in the Legislature

Dentistry had a successful year at the Statehouse, with two IDA-sponsored bills signed into law by Governor Reynolds. Below is an update on the 2021 IDA Legislative Priorities upon the conclusion of the legislative session in May:
  • Hawki Dental Benefits
  • Dental Wellness Plan & Medicaid Fee-for-Service
  • Do-It-Yourself Dentistry
  • Access to Care
  • Fluoridation Reporting Requirements
  • Increase State Funding for the Fulfilling Iowa’s Need for Dentists (FIND) Program