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Update Regarding IDPAC Match Program

The Iowa Dental Association's Board of Trustees recently approved the discontinuation of the practice of matching political contributions made by IDA members.
In the past, the Iowa Dental Association had a policy of using general funds from the IDPAC to match political contributions made by IDA members to individual political candidates of their choice.  Recently the IDA Board of Trustees unanimously approved a recommendation to discontinue this practice of matching individual contributions.  The main justification in discontinuing the matching program is based on the reality that it diverts critical resources away from IDPAC  to invest in candidates who are most likely to win elections based on a more data-driven analytical process.  For this election cycle, this data-driven process will rely more heavily on statistical trends involving polling data, voter registration, cash on hand between individual candidates in a given race and looking at other proven outcome prediction analytics from past election cycles. 
The goal of IDPAC is to support candidates who back the IDA's policy positions and have the best chance of winning their election.  Investing in candidates who have little or no chance of winning an election is not a good investment of the collective money that goes into IDPAC.  We know for some this change may be a cause for concern which is why we will re-examine this policy change prior to the next election cycle.