Iowa Dental Foundation

The Iowa Dental Foundation (IDF) provides a means for dentists and others to experience the collective power of giving, with an opportunity to invest in the future of dentistry as well as for the benefit of the communities it serves. Dentists have always been generous with their time, energy and services, and the IDF provides another avenue for giving back to the community.

The IDF was established in 1994 as a non-profit public foundation to benefit the general public. Our vision is to be the primary facilitator of dental health programs in Iowa. The IDF's mission is to create opportunities that improve the oral health of Iowans.

Your generous donations allow the Foundation to:

  • Coordinate charitable events that provide free dental care services (specifically the Iowa Mission of Mercy)
  • Promote research and education in areas of interest to the practice of dentistry
  • Conduct programs and seminars
  • Undertake studies and research related to the practice of dentistry
  • Grant scholarships that assist qualified persons to obtain instruction and training in dental studies and higher education

With the growth of the IDF, the Foundation will take a more active role in other programs in the coming years by issuing grants and "making a difference."