Iowa Dental Political Action Committee (IDPAC)

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The Iowa Dental Political Action Committee (IDPAC) is a grassroots network of dentists committed to educating their local elected and appointed state policy makers on issues affecting dentistry. It is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated committee of individual dentists and others and is not affiliated with any political party. The Committee is an independent, autonomous organization and is not a branch or subsidiary of any national or other political action committee.

The purposes of the Committee are:
  1. To promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging dentists and others to take a more active and effective role in government affairs.
  2. To encourage dentists and others to understand the nature and actions of their government, as to important political issues, and as to the records of office-holders and candidates for elective office.
  3. To assist dentists and others in organizing themselves for more effective political action and in carrying out their civic responsibilities.
Membership is open to any dentist, their spouse, members of their immediate family, and others, subject to payment of an annual contribution to the Committee. Categories of membership and contributions are established by the Board of Directors. The Board consists of not more than 20 members who serve staggered three-year terms of office. There is an annual meeting held at a date and time selected by the chair, and special meetings may be called.

Thank you to the following 2017-2018 IDPAC Contributors:

IDPAC Founders Club ($1,000 and up)

Dr. Chadwin Wagener
Dr. David Davidson
Dr. Andrew Hartwig
Dr. Eric Knox
Dr. Valerie Peckosh
Dr. Roy Tesene

IDPAC Presidents Club ($500 - $999)

Dr. Zachary Kouri
Dr. Cynthia Phillips
Dr. Craig Driver
Dr. Larry Kalkwarf
Dr. John Arend
Marc Beltrame
Dr. Richard Bokemper
Dr. Ryan Borgwardt
Dr. Jason Bouska
Dr. Steven Bradley
Dr. Ryan Bygness
Dr. Allen Carrell
Dr. Timothy Collier
Dr. Kyle Connolly
Dr. Jonathan DeJong
Dr. Tim DeStigter
Dr. Frederick Drexler
Dr. Eric Forsberg
Dr. Shamayne Frank
Dr. Michael Franzman
Dr. Maria Fuller
Dr. Dawn Gaffney
Dr. Martin Halbur
Dr. Michael Hipp
Dr. David Jones
Dr. Bradley Kegler
Dr. Paula Kral
Dr. Carolyn Larsen
Dr. James Larsen
Dr. Larry Long
Dr. Thomas Ludwig
Dr. Matthew Maggio
Dr. Phillip Markham
Dr. David Marshall
r. Michael Moffitt
Dr. Molly Moreland
Dr. Carol Moreno
r. Brandon Patten
Dr. Steven Rabedeaux
r. Robert Ronconi
Dr. Suzanne Stock
Dr. Ryan Stuntz
Dr. Cathy Tigges
Dr. Stephen TouVelle
Dr. Thomas Wilson  

IDPAC Inner Circle ($250-$499)

Dr. Joel Sardzinski
Dr. Mary Consamus
Dr. Lisa Lindeman
Dr. Rachel Hardinger
Dr. Timothy Bockenstedt
Dr. John Campbell
Dr. Pamela Kelch
Dr. Tracy Kittrell
Dr. Gregory Maharry
Dr. Taylor Schroeder
Dr. Gary Smith
Dr. Richard Wolken
Dr. James Dempsey
Dr. Jeffrey Allen
Dr. Philip Andersen
Dr. Ammon Anderson
Dr. Sara Anderson
Dr. Terry Babor
Dr. Melissa Bernhardt
Dr. Linda Bieri
Dr. Lucas Boe

Dr. Terry Boelter

Dr. Christopher Bogue

Dr. Derek Borgwardt

Dr. Kent Brady

Dr. Robin Briggs

Dr. Nicole Brummel

Dr. Michael Buck
Dr. Jay Buckley

Dr. Jennifer Buren

Dr. Andrea Cardenzana

Dr. Steven Christensen

Dr. David Clark

Dr. R Cochrane

Dr. David Collier

Dr. Michael Colwell

Dr. Corey Conrad

Dr. Elizabeth Craig

Dr. Michael Crall

Dr. Eric DeBoef

Dr. Anthony DeLancey

Dr. Lonnie Easter

Dr. Karl Eischeid

Dr. Nicholas Fangman

Dr. Daniel Finn

Dr. David Fritz

Dr. C Fredrick Fuller

Dr. David Gehring

Dr. Thomas Gill

Dr. David Gimer

Dr. Martin Gleason

Dr. Gordon Goettsch

Dr. Jim Grabouski

Dr. Bernard Gradoville

Dr. Tamara Grimm

Dr. Richard Grunder

Dr. Ryan Hajek

Dr. Luke Hamann

Dr. David Hansen

Dr. Douglas Hansen

Dr. Brenda Hausman-Miller

Dr. Shawn Hedlund

Dr. Nathan Hehr

Dr. John Hermanson

Dr. Paul Hermanson

Dr. Richard Hettinger

Dr. Russell Heun

Dr. Benjamin Hoelscher

Dr. Lisa Holst

Dr. Douglas Horton

Dr. Paul Hoversten

Dr. Kelly Huston

Dr. Gary Ihlefeld

Dr. Gary Jacobsen

Dr. John Janulewicz

Dr. Darren Jirsa

Dr. David Johnsen

Dr. Scott Johnson

Dr. Anthony Kalb

Dr. John Kearns

Dr. Daniel Kegler

Dr. Kathryn Kell

Dr. Thomas King

Dr. Julie Koch-Womer

Dr. Nicholas Kubik

Dr. Matt Kubovich

Dr. Timothy Kuntz

Dr. Carlin Lawhead

Dr. William Maiers

Dr. Mark Markham

Dr. William McBride

Dr. Robert McNurlen

Dr. Katie Milden

Dr. Jordan Moffitt

Dr. Chad Morarend

Dr. Brian Mykleby

Dr. Kirk Nelson

Dr. Stephanie Nettleton

Dr. Brady Novak

Dr. Clayton Parks

Dr. Randy Pas

Dr. Mark Pothitakis

Dr. Douglas Recker

Dr. Steven Reynolds

Dr. Fred Riddle

Dr. Frank Sargent

Dr. Michelle Schaeffer

Dr. Gerald Schleier

Dr. Bridgette Schmidt

Dr. Benjamin Selden

Dr. Edwin Siebrasse

Dr. Blair Smith

Dr. Julie Smith

Dr. Nicholas Smith

Dr. Paul Smith

Dr. Timothy J Smith

Dr. Benjamin Squires

Dr. Thomas Stark

Dr. Thomas Statz

Dr. Justine Stemper

Dr. William Strohman

Dr. Thomas Strub

Dr. Jeffrey Sturdivant

Dr. Michelle Sturm

Dr. Sarah Swenson

Dr. Stephen Thies

Dr. Thomas Thul

Dr. Heyo Tjarks

Dr. Logan Veath

Dr. Jeffrey Walls

Dr. Timothy Weber

Dr. Keith Whittemore

Dr. O Willham

Dr. Maureen Winslow

Dr. Karen Wolf

Dr. Alan Young  

IDPAC Sustaining ($100-$249)

Dr. Chad Brown

Dr. Anne Hennessey

Dr. Christopher Holahan

Dr. William Wever

Dr. Cassie Berens

Dr. Bradley Hagarty

Dr. Jeffrey Smith

Dr. Sonya Stoltze-Newstrom

Dr. Michelle Wulf

Dr. Andrew Majeran

Dr. Eric Pearson

Dr. John Biegert

Dr. Christopher Aldrich

Dr. Salvador Atienza

Dr. Fariha Baig

Dr. Kevin Baker

Dr. Thomas Becker

Dr. Daryl Bee

Dr. Kristen Berning

Dr. Clinton Berryman

Dr. Alan Boone

Dr. Carrie Borchardt

Dr. Amanda Brenden

Dr. Gregory Bruns

Dr. Rhonda Budlong

Dr. James Cahill

Dr. Thaddeus Chamberlain

Dr. Isaac Clair

Dr. Katy Clapham

Dr. Lance Crawford

Dr. Christine Dahl

Dr. Jeffrey Dahm

Dr. Nicholas Drzycimski

Dr. Brian Eness

Dr. Elizabeth Evans

Dr. James Fili

Dr. Brian Fleshner

Dr. John Garton

Dr. Barbara Gipple

Dr. Donald Good

Dr. Donna Grant

Dr. Johanna Halbur

Dr. Justin Hampton

Dr. Christopher Hansen

Dr. Gregory Hansen

Dr. Scott Hansen

Dr. Jon Hardinger

Dr. Amy Hartzell

Dr. Nathan Heubner

Dr. Paul Hoffmann

Dr. James Hourigan

Dr. Randall Hunt

Dr. Robert Hurley

Dr. Daniel Johnson

Dr. Kent Kaplan

Dr. Paul Klodd

Dr. Gregory Konchar

Dr. Margaret Kramer

Dr. Carla Kucirek

Dr. Robert Kuhn

Dr. Jeffrey Lilly

Dr. Benjamin Lloyd

Dr. Sara Lukan

Dr. Courtney Meyer

Dr. Ted Murray

Dr. Alexia Oetken

Dr. Thomas Olson

Dr. Michael Otto

Dr. Bryon Palmer

Dr. Derek Peek

Dr. Brandon Peterson

Dr. Bradley Price

Dr. Matthew Pyfferoen

Dr. Dwight Rastetter

Dr. Aaron Rauen

Dr. Eric Recker

Dr. Sahar Rezayazdi

Dr. Gary Roth

Dr. David Samuelson

Dr. Mark Scribbins

Dr. Andrew Secory

Dr. J Siegel

Dr. Jeffery Sitar

Dr. David Smith

Dr. Christian Strohmeyer

Dr. Gary Strohmeyer

Dr. Sara Stuefen

Dr. Karl Swenson

Dr. James Teusch

Dr. Wendy Troutman

Dr. Peter Vidal

Dr. Amanda Vonnahme

Dr. Jonathan Wenger

Dr. Anna Zak-Stecher

Dr. Marcy Zwart  

IDPAC Contributor ($50-$99)  

Dr. Ryan Riley

Dr. Alyson Baier

Dr. Lynn Breneman-Wisong

Dr. Michael Davidson

Dr. Joseph Fratianni

Dr. Terra Hickey

Dr. Michael Holt

Dr. Theresa Holt

Dr. Kenneth Messer

Dr. I Parker

Dr. Kayla Risma

Dr. Kevin Shay

Dr. Kris Shay

Dr. Kara Weishaar



Other Contributors

  Dr. James Clancy

Dr. Lindsey Meyer